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Goose and Badger Coffee




Finca La Bolsa
Region: Huehuetenango
Country: Guatemala
Altitude : 1300 - 1600m
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon 
Process: Washed
Importer: Falcon

"Producer Group:

This group's first consolidation point is situated at La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Guatemala (15°35'14.40"N 91°56’15.69“W). As an assembly, they provide crucial support to their members, including technical assistance and provision of fertilisers. Their partnership with Anacafé ensures that top-notch training is delivered to small-scale coffee producers. They proudly uphold the Rainforest Alliance certification, championing for sustainable farming practices.

Farm Information:

Welcome to Finca La Bolsa, aptly named 'The Bag' due to its location nestled at the base of the mountains. Established in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a passionate coffee grower and health practitioner, the farm has nurtured a legacy of coffee cultivation spanning three generations. The farm expands across 108 hectares and is positioned at an elevation of 1300-1600 masl.

Their dedicated workforce consists of 15 permanent employees, expanding to 100 during the peak harvest season from December to April. The farm focuses on the cultivation of Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties, flourishing in the farm's Clay Loam soil.

Lot Information:

The specialty coffee lot, 'La Bolsa', is cultivated under the shade of Gravilea and Inga trees. Pruning and trimming are carried out annually to maintain the health of their coffee plants, followed by a manual selective picking process. The coffee is then depulped, fermented, and washed over approximately 24 hours. It is subsequently spread out on the patio for drying for around 15-18 days. Once the coffee reaches the correct humidity range, it is bagged and stored in the farm's warehouses.

The coffee then embarks on a journey from the warehouse to the dry mill located in Guatemala City, where it undergoes meticulous quality control procedures and packaging to meet client specifications.

Economic, Social, Governance:

The farm is recognised for its social contributions, notably hosting a school named after the founder Jorge Vides, certified by the Ministry of Education.

As a group, they ensure a fair remuneration structure for their farmers, incorporating quality premiums. They are committed to tackling the challenges they encounter, including high production costs and worker migration.


The farm also nurtures other crops, creating a vibrant and diverse agricultural hub. It encapsulates the passion for coffee cultivation inherited across generations, along with a steadfast commitment to social and environmental responsibilities. Finca La Bolsa is more than just a coffee farm; it's a community, an educational institution, a testament to sustainability, and a celebration of specialty coffee."

- Falcon Coffees


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